The Origin of Tetrapods – Rob Whittlesey – HHMI BioInteractive (2014)

The program takes us into the fascinating saga of discovery of the tetrapods that explains how limbs of the terrestrial vertebrates came to be. Watch how the legendary 375 million year old Devonian tetrapod fossil Tiktaalik was discovered after a series of adventurous Arctic expeditions.

Tiktaalik means “Little fish in water” in Netsilik Inuit language.

Neil Shubin provides a first-hand account of the search for Tiktaalik and the evolution of four-legged animals.

The limb structure in Tiktaalik appears as a recurring variation of same theme in later land vertebrates. There ‘s a three part documentary series called Your Inner Fish detailing evolution of land vertebrates beginning with the evolution of tetrapods.



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