Eagle Cam from Southwest Florida – Ozzie and Harriet


Breeding season 2016-17 started with many shaky events. Harriet lost her long time mate Mr. Ozzie. The nest fell down. Harriett and a new young male coded M15 worked together to rebuild. They bonded well. And now they have two eggs in the nest!

A pair of bald eagles named Ozzie and Harriet have been coming to this nest located in Fort Myers, FL for the past 6 years. They nest early compared to other pairs between the months of October- April. In 2012 through private funding a camera was installed 6 feet above the nest.

The nest sits on two branches of a slash pine tree approximately 60 feet from the ground and is a short 1 mile flight away from the Caloosahatchee River, which serves as their primary food source. The pair of eagles rely mostly on fish from the river (Mullet, Catfish, Red Fish, Snook, Gar), but may also eat small rodents if the opportunity presents itself.

Ozzie and Harriet’s nest has been tagged by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Service as LEO26. In the past eggs in the nest generally hatched towards Christmas.

There’s a dedicated group of followers of this bald eagle family on Facebook.

In 2008 PBS has released a documentary called “American Eagle” based on two breeding pairs in Iowa and Minnesota. You can access to other live webcams through Nature Documentaries.



  1. Roger says:

    This is greatlive camera. Does anyone know what happened to the other baby hawk.

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