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  • Eyed Click Bug (Alaus oculatus) Ovipositing

    Eyed Click Bug (Alaus oculatus) Ovipositing

    On May 26th 2012, this click beetle began laying her eggs on a log along the Orange trail of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens, GA. These beetles are quite noticeable due to their large size and distinctive eye patterns on their pronotum. At the beginning of the video (while she is stationary), you can see some very tiny red mites walking across her body. She wondered around on a downed tree and assessed possible egg laying sites. […]

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  • Cornell University Hawk Camera

    Cornell University Hawk Camera

    Everybody is excited for the upcoming 2016 breeding season of the famous Cornell University campus hawks Big Red and Ezra. Last year Big Red laid her first egg at about 11:38 ET on March 28th. The breeding season 2015 started with a suprise. Big Red and Ezra moved to their nest to the light pole they used in 2012. There were no longer cameras installed at this nest so some heavy equipment was organized to get up to the nest. […]

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  • Albatross Nest Live from Hawaii

    Albatross Nest Live from Hawaii

    If you see a dark screen, bear in mind that it might be night time in Hawaii. Welcome to an Laysan Albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis) nest from the island of Kauai, geologically the oldest island of the Hawaiian archipelago. The webcam is operated by the Bird Lab of Cornell University. The Laysan Albatross gets its name from its Laysan breeding colony in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where it is the second most common seabird. Phoebastria immutabilis breeds at 16 sites mostly […]

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  • Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn – Nathan Dappen & Neil Losin – HHMI (2015)

    Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn – Nathan Dappen & Neil Losin – HHMI (2015)

    Domestication of plants and animals is a key transformation in recent Human evolutionary history leading to sedentary farming societies. Domestication of Maize particularly followed a different trajectory from the agricultural crops of the old world. This HHMI documentary tells how the ancestral wild grass called Teosinte was domesticated to evolve into Maize. In the old world, most domesticated grasses had a surprisingly similar “first step” that paved the way towards agriculture. In old world grasses including rice, wheat, barley and […]

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  • Paper Wasp Shaves (?) Caterpillar – Ron Goor (2013)

    Paper Wasp Shaves (?) Caterpillar – Ron Goor (2013)

    The behavior of this paper wasp worker was recorded by Ron Goor in C & O Canal in Seneca Maryland, United States. At first glance it looks quite curious since it appears as if the wasp is shearing its prey like a sheep. However when viewed carefully the wasp is simply consuming the caterpillar most probably belonging to Virginian Tiger Moth (Spilosoma virginica) before flying back to its nest. While the worker wasp is literally taking “her cut” from the […]

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  • Anole Lizard Aggression – Neil Losin (2011)

    Anole Lizard Aggression – Neil Losin (2011)

    We humans rarely have punch ups with each other to decide who will mate. However, an anole lizards life is frequently interrupted by brawls. Neil Losin is an evolutionary biologist from UCLA who studies aggressive behavior among anole lizards. Anole lizards not only have punch ups among each other (intraspecific aggression) but they also have such interactions with other species (interspecific aggression). This is when things get even more interesting. In less than 10 minutes this documentary outlines the research […]

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  • Evolution Game – North Star Games (2014)

    Evolution Game – North Star Games (2014)

    The concept of evolution is one of the central themes in Nature Documentaries. A review of games designed to teach evolution in Nature Magazine prompted a search for other endeavors. Among the three games reviewed Evolution was evaluated as by far the best. There has been quite a few attempts to introduce evolution in game format. One game called “Life as a Lizard” is adapted as a role play in classroom setting. Another game also explores major tenets of evolutionary […]

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  • The Central Dogma of Biology – Kazufumi Watanabe (2008)

    The Central Dogma of Biology – Kazufumi Watanabe (2008)

    Riken Omics Center from Japan presents a well-crafted animation that summarizes one of the most important subjects of biology since 1958. The central dogma is our first systematic approach in understanding nature of the information flow and manufacture of structures within a living cell. The viewer must be warned that the structures in this animation are artistic representations and in reality they look quite different from space ships. For example RNA Polymerase II is one of the most well-studied enzymes […]

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  • Long-term Behavioral Observations on Big Cats of Africa – Beverly and Dereck Joubert / TED Talk (2010)

    Long-term Behavioral Observations on Big Cats of Africa – Beverly and Dereck Joubert / TED Talk (2010)

    Short observations are relatively easy to capture and can be quite informative. On the other hand, long-term observations can be rather expensive and require dedication but enable recording of rare and unusual events. Beverly and Dereck Joubert are certainly one of the most successful long-term observers of our time. Events they capture on film are seemingly serendipitous. Such once in a life time events can only be recorded by being there on a long-term basis and require an almost unblinking […]

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  • Evolution Timeline (John Kyrk)

    Evolution Timeline (John Kyrk)

    [This video has no sound] Timelines are useful organizing tools to facilitate learning of highly detailed linked processes. The interactive timeline provides a gateway to understand one of the most progressive concepts in recent human history: Evolution. This screen capture video makes a quick introductory summary of cosmological, geological and biological evolution. Significant events since the very beginning of our universe are demonstrated in a chronological order. Evolutionary timeline by John Kyrk is a collaborative effort. Interactive website is constantly […]

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  • Seed Dispersal by Dung Mimicry – Nature (2015)

    Seed Dispersal by Dung Mimicry – Nature (2015)

    Plant-animal interactions have not always evolved to become mutualistic win-win strategies like birds dispersing seeds of palms while feeding on the fruits. Plants can be rather deceptive. They can hijact sensory vulnerabilities of animals. Secondary metabolites such as nicotine, caffeine, codeine can be rather addictive. Plant chemicals can also be used as deterrent. A sub-Saharan desert plant taily weed (Ochradenus baccatus) detonates a mustard bomb in the mouths of seed predators who dare to chew and destroy its seeds. Plant […]

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  • Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) – Biosphere 2

    Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) – Biosphere 2

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. -Samuel Beckett- Biosphere 2 started as quite an ambitious challenge. It crammed five biomes into 3 acres of sealed facility and tried to create a mesocosm experiment. It was a “ship-in-a-bottle” style miniaturization of ecosystems; a tiny little man-made Hawaii in the Arizona desert (Hawaii is the only place on our planet where all biomes of the world, excepting Arctic Tundra exist). Biomes of the Biosphere 2 were […]

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  • Bella – Hummingbird Nest Cam – Live from La Verne, CA

    Bella – Hummingbird Nest Cam – Live from La Verne, CA

    IF YOU SEE a BLACK SCREEN please WAIT until SUNRISE in CALIFORNIA! Bella is sleeping Welcome to the busy and productive nest of the hummingbird called Bella from La Verne, southern California located on a branch of a fig tree. Bella is expected to start her breeding season between February and July. On Feb 12th 2015, Bella had a new companion. Though Bella was sitting on her 6 day old babies, she has been consistently “visited” by this other adult […]

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  • Rosetta Mission to Comet 67/P – Exploratorium (2015)

    Rosetta Mission to Comet 67/P – Exploratorium (2015)

    Paul Doherty of the Exploratorium explains phases of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission to the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in exquisite detail. Comets are extremely interesting celestial objects. They may have even played role in jump starting life on our planet. When and how chemistry became biology is a burning question for everyone. There has been a period way in the past during the early times of the Earth when meteorites and comets bombarded its surface. This period is known as […]

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  • Eagle Cam from Southwest Florida – Ozzie and Harriet

    Eagle Cam from Southwest Florida – Ozzie and Harriet

    Camera-2 A pair of bald eagles named Ozzie and Harriet have been coming to this nest located in Fort Myers, FL for the past 6 years. They nest early compared to other pairs between the months of October- April. In 2012 through private funding a camera was installed 6 feet above the nest. The nest sits on two branches of a slash pine tree approximately 60 feet from the ground and is a short 1 mile flight away from the […]

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