Welcome to the Nature Documentaries webpage where we uncover the best nature documentaries available online for free viewing. We try to post videos from non-profit and educational resources such as PBS/ NOVA / Nature,  BBC, TED, NASA and individuals who capture compelling moments in nature.

Nature Documentaries has chosen Peruvian biological field station Project Buena Vista as a field site and will carry out wildlife filming projects as a part of its “Short Observations” category based on funding in near future.

Uzay Sezen

Uzay Sezen earned his doctorate degree from the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department of the University of Connecticut in 2008. He studied tropical forest regeneration and gene flow in a Costa Rican lowland rainforest.

He worked as a research scientist in Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory of the University of Georgia and is currently continuing his work in Plant Computational Genomics Laboratory at UConn. He also collaborates with John Kyrk and act as scientific adviser for a website focusing on geological and evolutionary timeline. He frequently covers stories for the Turkish geographical magazine ATLAS. You can read one of his most recent articles from Atlas Magazine’s website. He started Nature Documentaries in February 2012.

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