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  • How to Build a Climate Laboratory – Julia Slingo – Royal Institution (2016)

    How to Build a Climate Laboratory – Julia Slingo – Royal Institution (2016)

    Climate models have revolutionized our understanding of the world. Julia Slingo, the Met Office Chief Scientist and High Level Group Scientific Advisor to the European Commission, examines the processes controlling the planetary climate system. Realistic encapsulation of these processes in models increases our predictive power tremendously. Climate science works at so many different fields and scales with a common goal of converging into a common truth. Some scientists study mass balance of glaciers measuring growth and shrinkage of the cryosphere. […]

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  • Cornell University Sapsucker Woods Pond Camera (Live)

    Cornell University Sapsucker Woods Pond Camera (Live)

    This live camera was initially established to monitor nest activities of a heron pair. The nest collapsed during spring 2014. The mating of a female and ‘Dad’ heron in the tree shortly after gave everybody the impression that herons may build a new nest. Unfortunately it looks like the male heron ‘Dad’ who has nested on the pond since 2009 may not have found a suitable mate this year. Volunteer camera operators have been watching the heron activity on the […]

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  • Planet Earth – Jungles – BBC (2006)

    Planet Earth – Jungles – BBC (2006)

    Jungles is the 8th episode of the BBC TV series Planet Earth. It makes a rapid tour around the tropical belt and highlights a few key phenomena and spectacular behavior including mating dance of bird of paradise, forest regeneration after a treefall, plant-animal interactions in the forest canopy, fig trees as a keystone species, primate territoriality, forest sounds, mating leaf frogs, water cycle through evapotranspiration, nutrient cycle through decomposition, food webs, parental care in insects, fungal parasitism, gliding calugos, carnivorous […]

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  • Plight of the North Atlantic Right Whale – Jeffrey Mittelstadt (2013)

    Plight of the North Atlantic Right Whale – Jeffrey Mittelstadt (2013)

    Directed, edited and produced by Jeffrey Mittelstadt of WildSides the short documentary was made for Whale and Dolphin Conservation. North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) are highly endangered. Less than 500 North Atlantic right whales live in the wild. Close to 350 of them live in the East Coast of North America. The whale continues to be endangered but thanks to conservation measures like the acoustic stations its population more than tripled in a century. Apart from indirect negative Human […]

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