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  • Charting the Galaxy – from HIPPARCOS to Gaia – ESA

    Charting the Galaxy – from HIPPARCOS to Gaia – ESA

    Gaia is an astrometry mission that is built as a continuation of the hugely successful HiPParCoS telescope: the High Precision Parallax Collecting Satellite (HiPParCoS). Since 2013, Gaia has been generating the largest, most precise three-dimensional map of our Galaxy by surveying more than a thousand million stars. Gaia monitors every target star about 70 times over a five-year period recording their positions, distances, movements, and changes in brightness. It is expected to discover hundreds of thousands of new celestial objects, […]

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  • Space Engine Universe Simulator

    Space Engine Universe Simulator

    Space Engine is one impressive project all started by codes written by a single person Vladimir Romanyuk and it is all free! Space Engine is a purely exploratory environment. Almost all objects are real and astronomically mapped using scientific resources such as the HIPPARCOS Project of European Space Agency (ESA) which has now upgraded into the Gaia galaxy mapping mission, the historic 1888 compilation called the New General Catalog/Index Catalog (NGC/IC) of J.L.E. Dreyer, the Messier Objects, the International Astronomical […]

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