The Life Cycle of a Mosquito – Prelinger Archives (1947)

The mosquito-transmitted disease malaria is killing around 600.000 people people every year world wide alone. The year 2010 was a record peak with 1.2 million deaths. Mosquitos transmit so many diseases that they are arguably the most dangerous animals on Earth. They even act as vectors in transmitting parasites including the Human bot fly.

The mosquitoes are a family of small, midge-like flies: the Culicidae. Although a few species are harmless or even useful to humanity, most are a nuisance because they consume blood from living vertebrates, including humans. In feeding on blood, various species of mosquitoes transmit some of the most harmful human and livestock diseases.

The historic documentary explains the life cycles of the common (Culex) and the malaria (Anopheles) mosquito. It educates the viewer on methods of extermination of larvae and adult mosquitoes. Includes breeding places, the laying of the eggs, the various stages of development, natural enemies and methods of mosquito control.

NARRATOR: James A. Brill; AUTHORITY: E. Laurence Palmer, Ph.D., Cornell University



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