Last Remaining Asian Lions – Pride – Roshan Patel (2013)

Big cats are under threat in every part of the world. Asiatic lions (Panthera leo persica) once roamed all the way up to Europe. Now only 50 left in the wild in Gujarat, India.

Pride looks into how rural communities started working with the government to create a protected habitat for the highly endangered Asiatic lions. The documentary was produced by Roshan Patel as a project for masters degree program in the School of Film and Photography of Montana State University-Bozeman. It is also the winner of Best Wildlife Conservation Film category in 2014 New York Wild Film Festival.

A recent report published in Science reviews decline and ecological roles of top predators. One striking example from Africa highlights a striking sociological fact. Decline and local extinction of lions leads to increase in baboon populations which in turn decreases education levels of African school age kids. Baboons pose the greatest threat to livestock and crops in sub-Saharan Africa, and many families are forced to keep children out of school so they can help guard planted crops and livestock.

In this documentary, we also see that presence of lions benefit farmers keeping herbivores away from crops growing in their fields. Asiatic lions are under protection and are closely monitored by rangers on patrol.



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