Total Solar Eclipse in Brazil and Turkey – Sunrise Earth – David Conover (2006)

A total solar eclipse recorded in two countries on the same day of March 29th, 2006 by the Sunrise Earth team. The Sunrise Earth series belongs to a genre known as “Experiential TV”, developed by David Conover. The genre was also precursor to the Slow TV genre famously popularized by the Norwegian director Thomas Hellum.

In this poetical recording, the eclipse starts in Baia Formosa of Natal, Brazil and moves towards the east to Aspendos of Antalya, Turkey. You can see the path it followed in the illustration below.

Moon has an enormous stabilizing effect on the turning axis of the Earth preventing it from wobbling erratically. As a result of this, our climate has been more docile. Some scientists argue that having an axis stabilizing satellite may be a requirement for life on other planets.

Eclipses have been very important in all Human cultures. Contraptions such as the Antikythera Mechanism were built to predict them in advance with high accuracy. You can check out past and future total solar eclipse events from the NASA’s Solar Eclipse page.



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