A Yellow Throated Warbler Collecting Conifer Leaves for Nest Construction

In this short observation recorded on May 19th 2012 you can watch a a yellow throated warbler (Setophaga dominica) collecting conifer leaves for nest construction. The way it gathers needle leaves in its beak is quite interesting.

Nest construction in birds is not all instinctive and has a consirable learning component. Urban birds can sometimes use rather unconventional materials in their nests. For instance urban birds in Mexico City use fibers of cigarette butts which contain poisonous compounds in making their nests. These poisonous chemicals keep many arthropod parasites such as ticks away from chicks.

The range of the yellow throated warbler is southeast of north America.

This observation was made in Panther Creek recreational area in Chattahochee National Forest and is registered in iNaturalist.


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