A Nest Building Hummingbird

In this short but condensed observation you can watch a female Anna’s hummingbird (Calypte anna) construct her nest over 10 days between 18-28th January 2010 recorded in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. She uses fluff feathers of other birds, spider webbings and cotton tissue around seeds of poplar trees as nest material. The size of the finished nest is typically about 5cm across x 4cm high. Unlike most other bird species in all hummingbirds nest construction and parental care is always carried out by females. You can watch an indigenous non-migratory hummingbird nest live from California who has been nesting since 2007 in the same rose bush and attracted millions of viewers from all around the world.

Nest building is a prerequisite for reproduction. Nest construction styles show a great variation among bird species. Nests of weaver birds are generally accepted to be the most complex nest among bird species. Observations on weaver bird nest construction behavior have shown that nest building is not entirely instinctive and has a considerable learning component.

As we observe in this video, many different materials can be used at the same time to build a nest. gathering these requires a different search image apart from foraging for food.

living nest


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