Evolution Timeline (John Kyrk)

[This video has no sound]

Timelines are useful organizing tools to facilitate learning of highly detailed linked processes. The interactive timeline provides a gateway to understand one of the most progressive concepts in recent human history: Evolution.

This screen capture video makes a quick introductory summary of cosmological, geological and biological evolution. Significant events since the very beginning of our universe are demonstrated in a chronological order. Evolutionary timeline by John Kyrk is a collaborative effort. Interactive website is constantly accumulating new knowledge. Throughout the timeline the viewer can learn about exciting findings about how ordinary lifeless chemistry turned into exciting biology.

As you move the slider pay attention to blue links that take you to external sites by popping separate windows. Contents of the external sites are carefully curated and include videos, lectures, news articles and primary literature. The website is geared towards educators and students alike and has multiple language versions including Turkish.



  1. Sheila says:

    The sound is not available for this documentary.

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