Bald Eagle Cam – Live from Minnesota – Breeding Season 2016

The 2016 breeding season for a pair of iconic Bald Eagles in Minnesota has started. After pair bonding and nest repair (nestoration) eagles started incubating eggs again in!

A pair of iconic Bald Eagles have been raising their chicks in Central Minnesota on a nest constructed at 75 feet altitude on a cottonwood tree. You can learn more about this nest from the FAQs page of the website hosting this nestcam.

Last year on March 9th Mom got into labor at 3:53pm and laid her first egg. From then on parents took turns to incubate and hunt:

Nature Documentaries has been following a number of high profile webcams some of them in urban setting. This webcam broadcasts a breeding pair in their natural setting and were also featured in a PBS documentary called “American Eagle” released in 2008.

Top predators are important indicator species about health of the ecosystems. They are vulnerable to pollution arising from anthropological activities. Species at the top of the food chain can accumulate persistent toxic substances through a process known as biomagnification. Bald eagles came to the brink of extinction because of heavy use of pesticides such as DDT. Silent Spring was the first whistle blowing book by Rachel Carson. Published in 1962 it has been highly influential for recognition of the biomagnification problem. Even today many bald eagles die because of lead poisoning when they eat carcasses of deer abandoned by hunters.

There were many high-points from last year that have attracted viewers from all over the world. One of them without doubt was the hatching of the first egg that received a lot of cheer:

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