Decorah Eagle Cam – Nesting Season 2017

Live feed has begun from the new nest named N2 for Decorah bald eagles. The pair known as “Mom” and “Dad” are visiting and maintaining the nest occasionally. Established by the Raptor Resource Project in 2007 this breeding pair of Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa has been under intense observation. The pair became famous after the PBS Nature Documentary “American Eagle” in 2008. At one point in 2012 the viewer numbers reached 250 million making the project the most heavily viewed webcam of all times. The total number of unique viewers is now approaching 350 million.

Observations from this nest site has been very valuable in understanding the dispersal of juvenile eagles. In 2011 and 2012 two juveniles (named D1 and D14) were tracked by fitting satellite transmitters. GPS coordinates from each individual provided spatial movement information and helped estimate gene flow in bald eagles. D1 traveled all the way up north close to the Arctic circle and impressed everyone. D1 is still active and her transmitter continues to relay position info.

In 2012, the pair began building a separate nest on a tree 500 ft away from the original site. Raptor Resource Project decided to wait until the end of the breeding season 2013 to fit a camera on the new nest.

Nesting season for bald eagles began in February last year. Another pair laid their first egg a little earlier like the ones in Minnesota.



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    How many eggs so far?

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